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Welcome to Scottish communities

This website is about building communities with Scotland – from large cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh to small towns and villages far from any large conurbations.

Scotland is a country full of great history and heritage. From the moment Prince Michael of Albany returned to Scotland in the seventies, he actively involved himself into celebrating Scotland , be it culturally, historically or politically.

He worked in the Scottish Tourist industry for over ten years, helping to improve the “brand” of Scotland . A lot of our far-flung relatives, particularly in America , have this twee Victoriana, shortbread, whisky, bagpipes and tartan view of our nation. The fact is that we drink plenty more wine in Scotland than we do whisky and we only wear our kilts at nuptial celebrations or rugby matches. The idea that Scottish people live in the past is one of those silly images we have been stuck with. The reality is that life in Scotland, a modern state within the continent, is nevertheless standing still for the lack of genuine democracy and an excess of bureaucracy is a statement put to the Scots’ electorate and tourists by Prince Michael of Albany in many of his lectures.

By contrast, Prince Michael set up a selection of Royal House of Stewart Embassies whose mentality is too give a more sincere image of Scotland, either political, cultural, or industrial. It also celebrates the fact that Scotland is a good country to invest in and it is his intention to make a Scottish Chambers of Commerce overseas.

Back in Scotland Prince Michael lectures on the nation’s history, politics and economics. He attends cultural events promoting Scottish achievements and has fun with visiting politicians and bankers from across the continent.

Scottish communities are spread throughout the country and across its many islands and even beyond and overseas.

The nation’s history is celebrated all over. While there are over one thousand descendants of James VI of Scotland (and I of England) across the globe today (all believed to have a stronger claim to the succession of Britain than any descendants of George I), the direct line is made up of three branches: the Counts of Albany, the Dukes of Coldingham and the Counts of Derneley. The right of succession of the direct heritage is relevant only to Scotland . Indeed, a genuine refutation to their succession to the Crown of St Edward ( England ) was agreed in December 1913 for themselves and their descendants for eternity.

Currently Prince Michael's heir presumptive is his cousin, Prince Robert Demidoff-Stewart who is the Duke of Coldingham and currently resides in Belgium . He is a descendant of the fourth Count of Albany and Helena Demidoff, who is a natural descendant of Prince Anatol Nikolaievitch Demidov, Prince of San Donato, and his lover Fanny de la Rochefoucauld, daughter of Francois, 8 th Duke of la Rochefoucauld.

It ought to be noted that the English Act of Succession at the start of the eighteenth century brought in by Wilhem of Orange-Nassau (Stadhouder of The Netherlands and unlawful possessor of the crowns of Scotland and England in the year before), stopping the Catholic descendants of James VI from gaining the Crown of England, only applies to England and not Scotland.

As a royal of the modern day, Prince Michael of Albany runs his own company. He is a writer (his second book was published at the start of 2005) and a diplomat of the Knights of Malta. This last position held in the legitimate Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem brings him to many nations on diplomatic missions.